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  • Why 247 Payments?

    I recently got the privilege to sit down with Jeff Dove Dot co-founder of Vendgo, intelligent vending software and 247 Payments user, to talk about the 247 Payments difference. 247 Payments is dedicated to providing all of the tools and technologies to make every business, in every industry, as competitive in their marketplace as they […]

  • The 247 Payments Difference

    We often talk about the 247 Payments difference, but what really makes us different? There are hundreds of processors who provide some of the same services we do. Why should you choose us? To get a further look into what truly makes 247 different, I interviewed 247 Payments own, Nick Palazzolo. When asked what makes […]

  • Small Business vs Payment Processing

    As a company,  we monitor common merchant issues. These issues often have irreversible effects on small business owners. Processing elements such as chargebacks, holds, limitations, and ease of use can negatively impact your business. 247 Payments is a payment processing solution made by business owners, for business owners. We want to hear from small business […]

  • Payment Processing Trends in 2023

    In the coming year, experts are predicting a mass acceleration towards digital payment methods. As a business owner, now is the time to consider your operating model, technology, digital identity, and customer preference. The most important thing is to keep your customers happy, it keeps them coming back.  In the past year, the use of […]

  • High Risk Payment Processing

    When your business falls into a certain industry or has a high charge-back ratio, it can be deemed as a high-risk business. And if you run a high-risk business- it is essential that you choose the right payment processor. Many high-risk businesses don’t even realize they have fallen into this subsection, until they begin applying […]

  • Our First Blog

    Payment processing can be confusing. Fees can differ depending on what payment method is used, your processor, the bank and your industry. How do I know I’ve picked the best payment processing company? Are the solutions offered beneficial for my specific industry? Do they cover all of my needs? This process can come with many […]