Why 247 Payments?

I recently got the privilege to sit down with Jeff Dove Dot co-founder of Vendgo, intelligent vending software and 247 Payments user, to talk about the 247 Payments difference. 247 Payments is dedicated to providing all of the tools and technologies to make every business, in every industry, as competitive in their marketplace as they can be. Our tailored customizable solutions are built for exactly what your business needs. 

When asked to describe Vendgo Jeff said, “ Vendgo is a vending management software company and the easiest way to describe it is through our mission and our values. 

So our mission is to provide a state of the art Vending solution to allow Vending business owners to increase efficiency and lower cost through the use of intelligent vending software training based on expert knowledge of the industry and simplified reporting of essential business data. 

Our vision is to revolutionize the vending machine industry using intelligent technology to improve costly operations and industry best practices to inspire, educate and implement better business solutions to the vending machine industry.”

Vendgo offers intelligent software that allows vending owners to better keep track of their product and stock through a system of integrated technologies. As a niche business model and industry, Vendgo needed specific tools to ensure their payment processing success and found those solutions through 247 Payments. 

As a startup company with such a specific industry to cater to, I asked Jeff what qualities he was looking for when looking to partner with a payment processor. 

Jeff said, “That was one of the challenges or hurdles to begin with, we went through about a dozen payment processors trying to get the right fit. Ended up meeting with 247 Payments and Nick. They were able to see the vision that we saw of smaller transactions, say the average transaction on an unattended device for a credit card payment is about $2.25 and a standard transaction rate for credit cards would not work there. They were able to work with us and customize exactly what was needed, which is amazing.” 

247 Payments caters and designs every element to perfectly match the needs of your company. But what is the 247 Payments difference? 

“Number one, was responsiveness. In follow up, if I call Nick within 30 minutes, he’s called back if he hasn’t answered the phone. Number two, the ability to see the vision of where we were going with for this startup and having the the ability to adapt to what was considered rigid credit card processing. Making it adaptable to us to make the business model work amazingly,” Jeff said. 

As a startup company, there are many struggles along the way when crafting your perfect team to enhance your company as a whole. When asked what issues he sees in the future for Vendgo within the payment processing realm, Jeff said, “I think within payment processing, in general, the struggle was definitely upfront. Finding the match that we did with 247 Payments and Nick with being flexible in the business, was a game changer.  Going forward, I really don’t see any struggles because 247 worked through them and we now have a seamless set up. So I see. Smooth sailing moving forward.” 

Take it from a real 247 Payments user, the 247 Payments difference matters. We give your business the support it needs and can help you adapt to new avenues and challenges along the way. It is not a one size fits all solution. Let us cater to you. If you’re looking for an upgrade or to start something new, give us a call or click the learn more button down below!






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