The 247 Payments Difference

We often talk about the 247 Payments difference, but what really makes us different? There are hundreds of processors who provide some of the same services we do. Why should you choose us? To get a further look into what truly makes 247 different, I interviewed 247 Payments own, Nick Palazzolo.

When asked what makes us stand out Nick said, 

“We are different from other payment processors. With us, we provide white glove service, constant communication with our merchants and we are easily accessible- unlike other merchant processors. And not to mention, we build such good relationships, we build a referral base and those relationships bud into new prosperous relationships for both us and the merchants.”

We customize our programs to fit your exact needs. If you are a high risk business- we work with your accounts and provide you the right tools to help you succeed. We offer an agent channel that helps you expand your business and work with other professionals. 247 Payments is not a large, oversaturated company. We take each account personally and work hand and hand with our merchants. 

“If you’re with the right processor and they get you in the right position with the right rate, you’ll get an influx of cash flow within the next 30-90 days. And our Omni Channel Solutions will allow you to grow your business to a position you might not have been in before. You could have been in Brick & Mortar then explored the Ecommerce side. We can help you make that transition easy and smooth and point you in the right direction of how to build up that business correctly as well.”  

Our Omni Channel Solutions provide you with multiple solutions, on one platform, for every payment. If you’re looking for Virtual Terminals, Payments API, IVR Payments, Pay by Text, ACH Payments or our special Cash Discount Program- 247 Payments Omni Channel Solutions are the right program for you. It makes it easy to customize your needs directly for your business. We want to give you everything you need and nothing that you don’t so, you can grow your business to the fullest extent. 

Whatever your payments needs may be, 247 Payments truly has the right solutions for you. We guarantee this due to our flexibility and how we personalize every account to set them up for the most profitable outcome for your business. We are there every step of the way to ensure your success and update your solutions as your business grows. It’s time to feel the 247 Payments difference.  






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