Small Business vs Payment Processing

As a company,  we monitor common merchant issues. These issues often have irreversible effects on small business owners. Processing elements such as chargebacks, holds, limitations, and ease of use can negatively impact your business. 247 Payments is a payment processing solution made by business owners, for business owners. We want to hear from small business owners first hand to not only further understand current issues but to improve our practices. We met with Susan Harris to get some insight on common struggles with alternative payment processing platforms. 

Susan Harris has developed a large following on Tiktok, with over 17k followers within the last three months. Susan is a small business owner who shares business tips and tricks, along with content related to her craft on social media. She has been a business owner for over 19 years and shared with us a little bit about her experience with her past and current payment processors. Susan is not a current 247 Payments merchant.

When asked about her payment processing struggles, Susan said, “I’ve had a lot. The worst is when I have a one day sale. I get way over my payment processing limit and that means a delay in not only processing their orders, but sending them out. This makes the customers very unhappy. It affects my business. In fact, I have to extend my sales and that is hard for planning when you utilize holidays or special events.”

Keeping your customers happy is imperative. It is the pinnacle between a one time sale and a recurring customer. Low card transaction limits are frustrating for you and your customer. Your limits with 247 Payments are dependent on what your account is approved for by underwriting. These limits are based on your processing history but have the ability to increase as your business grows.

Susan also emphasized her negative experience with chargeback assistance. She said she has difficulty getting any help or guidance when a chargeback occurs. Her current processor provides no warning or explanations on her chargebacks.
At 247 Payments we assist in chargeback mitigation. We offer access to Elevate Portal which allows merchants to track their transactions in real time. Elevate will email you daily to get ahead of your chargebacks. 247 also offers systems such as Rapid Dispute Resolution and Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network that help you dispute and resolve chargeback issues.

Susan says her POS system is the root of most of her issues. They often are down or have outdated software. She can only accept certain card payments and often has to manually type in card information, leading to mistakes. Once processed, her profit takes 4-6 business days to appear on her account. 

247 Payments not only provides the most up to date software, allowing you to accept payments from anywhere at any time, our POS systems take all forms of payment. Our systems provide tap to pay, barcode, mobile wallet and all card acceptance. With 247 Payments, your profit will appear on your account the next day.

We asked Susan what qualities she will be looking for in her next payment processor.

Susan exclaimed, “Ease of use….to be able to deal with my website orders or in person sales with a dependable system. Someone who really understands working with small businesses. So many of these big payment processing companies I’ve worked with before… they don’t care to ask questions or be a helpful hand. Someone who would get to know my needs, personally and someone who can cater to my specific small business needs!”

247 Payments cares about your specific needs. That’s why we offer tailored custom solutions that are dependent on your business size, industry and personal preference. We are not a one size fits all solution.

It’s almost the new year- what did your payment processing struggles look like this year? Regardless, it’s time for an upgrade. Contact us today for more information on the best payment processing solution for you!






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