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Payment processing can be confusing. Fees can differ depending on what payment method is used, your processor, the bank and your industry. How do I know I’ve picked the best payment processing company? Are the solutions offered beneficial for my specific industry? Do they cover all of my needs? This process can come with many questions that are often left unanswered. Thankfully, 247 Payments is here to simplify the process and put all of your questions to rest, with our customizable solutions.

247 Payments is a payment processing company that is dedicated to finding the right program for you. We specialize in payment processing from small to enterprise level businesses. We serve all industries including automotive, hospitality, government, healthcare, nutraceuticals, education, mobile, ecommerce, construction, home improvement, non-profit, professional services, insurance, veterinarian wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, recreation, and brick & mortar.

The 247 Payments difference lies within the customization capabilities of our programs. Our company was built by business owners for business owners. We understand that every industry has specific needs, and your payment processing systems should cater to that. It is not a one size fits all structure!

Our programs provide multiple solutions, on one platform, for every payment. We offer charge-back mitigation, business lending, ACH, full omni-channel solutions, and cash discount programs. 247 Payments’ integrated solutions do not require contracts and are guaranteed to increase your revenue.

Payment terminals, applications and technology are constantly evolving. In 2022, there are over 200 ways for your customers to pay. It’s hard to keep up with new payment processing trends. How could you? You are trying to cater to your customers and better your business. You want your technology to be able to handle any and all payments. How can a business survive without getting paid?

247 Payments ensures our merchants have the most advanced systems on the market, with the best rates. Our terminals and ecommerce solutions accept every form of payment, keeping your customers happy and letting them embrace the freedom of choice.

247 Payments takes out all of the confusion and ensures that you get paid, leaving you time to focus on being as competitive in your marketplace and you can be. Check out our website for more information on how we directly serve your industry’s needs and see how 247 Payments can help you elevate your payment processing system. It’s time for an upgrade.






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